Tuesday, 25 October 2016

BJCC Leadership Team

Stewards meeting
  • The leadership Team met at Dinah's: Tuesday 25th October 2016
  • Malcolm read the story of Zachaeus from Luke's gospel and commended it to us as being relevant to today's world where many people find themselves outcasts for one reason or another.
  • We shared what we knew of the needs of people associated with BJCC and prayed.
  • Malcolm mentioned a new initiative from the URC East Midlands Synod to train and equip lay leadership within the churches. There is an impending crisis in numbers of the ordained ministry.
  • Christine reported on matters to do with the building: preparations being made for new flood defences at the two lower doors and new carpeting in the entrance hall and in the kitchen. There was some discussion about priorities in the forthcoming building work: a new toilet and coffee making facility to be installed at the back of the church and then a new kitchen installed in what is now the vestry.
  • Dinah reported from the Worship Committee: to help in the task of filling preaching appointments for Sunday mornings from March 2017 onwards, we will experiment with a new Fellowship Worship on the first Sunday in each month for three months (March-May) in which stewards and members of the congregation will lead worship incorporating readings, songs and prayers. Phil has offered to explore the possibility of inviting a Nottingham based Gospel Choir to come and give a concert at BJCC.
  • Various other  matters were discussed. 
  • A date was set for the next meeting: 27th November at 2pm.

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