Friday, 17 November 2017

URC News / The Bridge Centre

URC News
From the East Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church

The latest newsletter can be found here

The November 2nd edition of the newsletter starts with news from The Bridge Centre in Hyson Green at the Boulevard URC church on Gregory Boulevard. There is a lot going on. 

Here is an extract from the newsletter:
The Bridge Centre, hosted by Gregory Boulevard United Reformed Church, provides a community space, with a computer room, children’s play area, prayer room and cafe. 
On Mondays you can find a ‘cook and play’ session, on Tuesdays it’s ‘Tums and Toddlers’, on Wednesdays an interfaith group serves 60-70 free vegetarian meals, on Saturdays there are classes in maths and English for Romanian children and adults and the Law Centre provides weekly advice sessions for Romanians.
A monthly group funded by the City Council supports destitute and vulnerable people from Eastern Europe.  On 16th October the national Co-op HR team held a tea party in the Centre for the local community.  After years of struggling the Bridge Centre is thriving once again.
 The newsletter also has a lot of other news from around the East Midlands.

It's well worth a look!

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