Friday, 17 November 2017

Walking the Way

Walking the Way

An initiative for discipleship from the United Reformed Church

Walking the Way: Living the Life of Jesus Today

To quote from the URC website:
Walking the Way is the umbrella term for the United Reformed Church’s exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission. When you engage in Walking the Way, we hope that your own understanding of what being a Christian disciple is deepens. You may grow beyond your dreams in living as a disciple when you are in church and, perhaps more importantly, when you are not. 
There are resources available on the URC website for us to use - individually and when we meet together - as we prepare for Advent and Christmas, especially Prayers for the Season of Preparation which you can find here.

 Here is part of the first of these prayers, prepared by the Scottish Synod:

God of grace,

Through the life, suffering, death and resurrection of your Son Jesus, you revealed your love for us.

Through the gift of the Spirit you give each one of us the strength to face the journey ahead.

Ready and prepared to consciously go Walking the Way – living the life of Jesus today; we respond to his words of invitation, ‘follow me’.


Enable us to work together; collaborating and sharing, encouraging and supporting, all with generosity, compassion and love; as we go Walking the Way – living the life of Jesus today.

Each week, the prayers take a different theme 

The prayers for Week Five (2nd October)

for those working with manual, retail and catering and hospitality workers
were prepared by the East Midlands Synod.

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