Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Development Project

Development Project

We are hoping soon to make some alterations to the inside of the church and arrangements in the church hall (The Schoolroom) - but it is not going to happen immediately. Plans are with the architect but various permissions still have to be obtained before we can begin.

Briefly, we intend to install a new toilet and a kitchenette area in the back corner of the church to facilitate the use of the church as an independent space apart from the church hall. 

Once that has been done, we plan to take out the kitchen that presently serves the church hall and install a completely new kitchen in the room next door (now used as the vestry). This will upgrade the kitchen facilities to be more in line with modern requirements. *

* In a change of plans, the kitchen has now been replaced in situ (August 2017) to avoid the long delays in the approval process for alterations (a consequence of the buildings Grade 2 listed status). All cupboards and appliances have been completely renewed.

The toilets at the far end of the hall will also be upgraded.

When these changes have been made, we should have two independent function spaces each with their own modern toilet and, at least, basic kitchen facilities. Then, two groups can use the premises at the same time without disturbing each other. That's the idea, anyway.

We hope that, by making these changes, the building can be made more useful both for the church members and for the various community groups that hire the space for their week to week activities.

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