Tuesday, 8 November 2016

What Price a New Minister?

The Methodist Church: Stationing

Those of you who are Methodists by upbringing or accident may understand what stationing is all about. It is the way the Methodist Church decides which minister to send where. The stationing itself, the actually going somewhere, happens at the beginning of September each year but the process of considering and deciding begins well over a year before and decisions tend to get made in the autumn of the previous year - like now.

You may be aware that at this moment, the Nottingham East Circuit of the Methodist Church (and that includes us at the Burton Joyce Community Church ... just) is actively seeking a new minister to take on the role of Superintendent Minister in the Circuit (Ask me sometime). This process is well under way and a little bird has told me that a suitable candidate - if that is the right turn of phrase; possibly not - has been identified by those charged with this task (representatives of all the churches in the Circuit).

What we can all do is pray

It is a tough process for all those involved. Let's hold them up to the Lord in love.

To illustrate what it can mean for the ministers and their families, I thought I would share with you this blog post (see link below), from eighteen months or so ago, from someone intimately involved in the process. It is, I think you will agree, thought provoking and a stimulus to our prayers.
Stationing, a personal view: Flight of the Skypilot 

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