Monday, 21 November 2016

The Cross

The Church Cross

The illuminated church cross on the front of the church building on the corner of Meadow Lane is not as illuminated as it once was. Only a handful of the lights still work, so the cross will be removed early this week (Monday) so the lights can be replaced and other repairs carried out. Hopefully, the cross will be back in place and working within a few days.

If you see a cherry-picker parked outside the church sometime this week, this is the reason. We apologise for any inconvenience this work may cause local traffic and pedestrians. 

Thinking about the cross: It is a widely used symbol, used in churches and by people who never go to church, but what does it mean? It refers to the fact that Jesus was executed by the Roman authorities by being nailed to a wooden cross in about AD 33, i.e. almost two thousand years ago. 

That's both pretty grim and a very long time ago. 

So, why should we care?

We remember that event every year on the day we call Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday. But why call it "Good"? Because that event, the execution of Jesus, tells us about God's love. That might seem hard to believe but, in the death of Jesus, God is saying in effect: "I'll go through anything for you, even this." It shows how much God cares. 

That's why people wear the cross and have it, illuminated or not, on their church buildings: it reminds them about love.

And if God cares that much, perhaps we should too.

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